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Crus Bourgeois
4 400
hectares (27% of the total for Médoc)
32 million


President: Frédéric De Luze
Vice-Presidents: Olivier Cuvelier & François Nony
The Board of Directors: 24
The Office : 5
A Technical Committee
A Promotion Committee
An Acknowledgement Committee
Permanent Team : Frédérique Dutheillet de Lamothe (Director) & Nathalie Arrigoni (Assistant)

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The history of the Cru Bourgeois

12th: The Bourgeois enjoy rights and privileges, notably exemption from charges on the wines from their vines.

15th: They acquire the best land, to which the name "Crus Bourgeois" is given

1932: The Bordeaux merchants, under the authority of the Chamber of Commerce and the Chamber of Agriculture, establish 444 Crus Bourgeois. This list, deposited on 28 April 1932 at the CCI, is never approved by the Ministry, but it nevertheless serves as a reference for use of the mark for more than fifty years.

1962: Creation of the Syndicat des Crus Bourgeois du Médoc, which has only 94 members (survivors of the successive crises suffered by wine-growing). This successively establishes 2 awards schemes (1966 & 1978).

2000: The Ministerial Decree of 30 November 2000 concerning the regulations organising the classification Crus Bourgeois du Médoc establishes the general conditions for the Classification according to 7 criteria: the nature of the soil, the nature of the vines, caring culture, wine making, maintenance and the general presentation of the operating conditions of bottling, the constancy in product quality, the reputation of the vintage and organoleptic qualities of the wine.

2003: The Ministerial Decree of 17 June 2003 approves the first official classification of Crus Bourgeois du Médoc. It approves 247 Crus out of 490 candidates.

Feb- The statutes of the Syndicat are amended in accordance with the classification. The Syndicat changes its name and becomes the Alliance.

2007-2009: With an unparalleled mobilization winemakers Médoc grouped within the Alliance des Crus Bourgeois du Médoc, the traditional term "Cru Bourgeois", dating back several centuries, reborn through the rigorous process of quality development up by the union. This collective approach saves a reference while offering a guarantee of quality recognized by the government.

2009: Approval by the government of the new quality approach: Decree of October 20, 2009 & Order of November 16, 2009 for the qualitative selection of Crus Bourgeois du Médoc. Official Selection of the Crus Bourgeois du Médoc is published annually in September since 2010.

The quality charter of the Crus Bourgeois

* Bulk shipping is forbidden
* Estate bottling is compulsory
* Annual quality guarantee monitoring is compulsory (collection at points of sale-blind tasting-punishment of breaches)
* The practice of "Rendu mise" (bottling by the wine merchant) is placed under the management, control and responsibility of the producer, before it is finally abandoned from the 2005 onwards
* Bottles must be heavy or equivalent (light, lightweight, standard and traditional light bottles are forbidden)
* The market launch must be after 1 January of the 2nd year following the harvest

Labelling: One Cru Bourgeois - One quality - One label